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Professional Archive Drawings

Archive drawings are critical documents that provide a historical record of a building or site's construction and development. Swan Drafting, a surveying and drafting company based in New York, specializes in creating, managing, and maintaining archive drawings for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Our team of experienced professionals uses cutting-edge technology and software to produce accurate and detailed archive drawings that comply with industry standards and regulations.

The Importance of Archive Drawings

Archive drawings are essential for maintaining and repairing buildings and sites, as well as for complying with legal and regulatory requirements. Swan Drafting understands the importance of archive drawings and offers a comprehensive range of services to create and manage them. Our archive drawings include detailed information about the building or site, such as its location, dimensions, materials, and utilities, as well as any modifications or changes made during its construction and development.

Our Archive Drawing Services

Swan Drafting offers a range of archive drawing services, including document scanning, digitization, and indexing. We use advanced tools and software to capture high-quality images of your archive drawings and convert them into digital formats. Our team also performs indexing and metadata tagging to make your archive drawings easily searchable and accessible. We also offer secure storage and backup solutions to ensure that your archive drawings are safe and protected.


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