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Professional Document Management

Document management is an integral part of any construction project, and at Swan Drafting, we offer comprehensive document management services to ensure that our clients' projects are well-organized and documented. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in managing and organizing construction documents such as plans, permits, and specifications, among others, throughout the project's lifecycle.

Effective document management can save time, reduce errors, and improve collaboration between stakeholders. Our document management services include digitization, indexing, and archiving of construction documents, making them easily accessible to project participants. We use advanced software and cloud-based storage to store and manage documents securely, ensuring that they are protected from loss, damage, or unauthorized access.

Digitization of Documents

Our digitization services ensure that our clients' construction documents are easy to access and retrieve. We use high-speed scanners and OCR technology to digitize paper documents, creating searchable digital copies that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. This allows project stakeholders to access the information they need quickly, reducing project delays and improving decision-making.

Indexing of Documents

Indexing is a critical aspect of document management, and we ensure that our clients' construction documents are accurately indexed to facilitate easy retrieval. We use a combination of automated indexing tools and manual tagging to classify and organize documents, making them easy to find and retrieve.

Archiving of Documents

Archiving is another important aspect of document management, and at Swan Drafting, we offer comprehensive archiving services that ensure our clients' construction documents are stored securely and protected from damage or loss. Our cloud-based storage solutions provide secure access to documents, allowing project participants to retrieve the information they need quickly and easily.


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