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Commonly Asked Questions 
What is Architectural Drafting?
In the days long preceding the existence of the building where you currently reside, it existed solely as a vision conceived by an individual, envisioning what could occupy that specific location. Architectural drafting serves as the medium through which this idea transforms into a comprehensive plan that proficient workers can utilize to bring the building to life. The draft, commonly referred to as a drawing, encompasses floor plans, precise measurements, and other vital details, essential for contractors to construct residential or commercial structures. These drafts play a pivotal role in the design process of various buildings, and in contemporary times, they are crafted using computer-aided design software, skillfully operated by experts well-versed in these programs. 
How experienced are your surveyors and drafters?
Our surveyors and drafters have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and are licensed and certified to provide high-quality services. They stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry best practices.
Why Drafts Are Necessary
The significance of drafts lies in their ability to facilitate visual communication between architects, clients, and contractors. Acting as a comprehensive manual, drafts provide guidance to all parties involved in the construction process, ranging from architects and drafters to contractors and the construction crew. They encompass crucial information about the building, including its design, positioning on the land, and the materials required for its assembly. By incorporating these essential details, drafts ensure the successful execution of the construction project.

Site plans offer comprehensive details pertaining to the location where a building is intended to be constructed. These plans encompass essential information such as property boundaries, site conditions, and any existing height limitations that need to be considered. Additionally, site plans may incorporate relevant data concerning nearby structures, pathways, and utilities.

Foundation plans depict the exact placement of the foundation for a structure. These plans encompass crucial details regarding footings, columns, supporting beams, walls, as well as precise measurements and materials required to adhere to building codes and design specifications.

Floor plans illustrate the arrangement and configuration of every room within a building, showcasing the precise positioning of doors, windows, staircases, and built-in features such as closets. These drafts also incorporate measurements of these elements, known as elevations, providing detailed information about their sizes and proportions.

Wiring and Electrical plans play a crucial role in offering essential instructions regarding the placement and arrangement of the HVAC unit, plumbing, and electrical system.

Drafts can encompass a wide range of information, including details on excavation and landscaping plans, adherence to building codes, and estimated material costs. Additionally, drafts can incorporate valuable notes from the architect or construction team, facilitating collaboration among project stakeholders. With the advent of digital sharing, drafts can now be easily circulated among the involved parties. Furthermore, real-time updates can be made to drafts, allowing for efficient tracking of changes and progress throughout the duration of the project.

How long does a survey or drafting project typically take?
The timeline for a project depends on its scope and complexity. We will provide an estimated timeline during the initial consultation, and keep our clients informed throughout the process.
How much does a survey or drafting project cost?
The cost of a project depends on its scope and complexity. We provide a detailed quote for each project during the initial consultation, and work with our clients to stay within their budget.
How do I get started with a project?
To get started, simply contact us by phone, email or contact form, to schedule an initial consultation. We will discuss your project goals and provide a free detailed quote for our services.
Careers in Architectural Drafting
If you possess a keen eye for detail, excel in organizational skills, and harbor a genuine interest in the construction process, a career in architectural drafting could be an excellent choice for you. In this profession, you would utilize computer-aided design (CAD) software to craft both 2D and 3D drafts, relying on notes and information provided by architects. Collaborating closely with architects, you would strive to ensure the accuracy and compliance of these drafts with relevant codes and regulations. Additionally, you would be responsible for preparing comprehensive cost estimates encompassing materials and labor, as well as coordinating with contractors to establish realistic timelines for project completion.

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